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If you are planning your removal, you will need the right removal company. can help you save time and money! Find up to six removal companies and receive free quotes.

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moving truckFind the right removal company to make your removal easy
Welcome to We are here to help simplify your removal tasks. Finding the best removal company for your region is a hard job, so we can guide you to find the right removal company. A removal is a life changing event and therefore can cause a challenge to choose a professional removal company who takes care of your removal. When you fill in the form on the homepage, our website then selects several removal companies based in your area. These companies can provide you several removal services.

Packing and temporary storage with removal companies
A removal to another city means that you will need expert packing, especially for your fragile items and big inventory. With our comparing website, you can easily find several expert packers to remove your furniture interstate.

Quality removal companies selects the most appropriate and lowest priced removal companies for you. And we do whatever we can to give you a high quality removal. Our sales team has the daily job to find the best removal companies in the UK. In which we can assure you that the professional removers will take care of your goods.

What people have said...

Excellent removal to London!
"A few months ago we wanted to move to a different city. We searched on "Google" for removal companies and we found your amazing website. In a few days we got several quotes of removal companies and we chose the cheapest. Now we moved to London and we can say that it was a good experience."
Added: K. Sorin from Sutton (29-12-2011)
Score: 3/5

Great removal experience!
"We got five quotes in one day from numerous moving companies. We decided to take a company that was close to our current home. And within 3 weeks, our removal started. When I look back I can say that we had a very pleasant removal! Great job!"
Added:  F. Jones from Dartford (20-12-2011)
Score: 4/5

General review
Average score: 4.2 of 5 based on 20 reviews.

Benefits of professional removal companies

  • When you outsource your removal you don't have to carry heavy furniture so it will save your energy and your back!
  • A removal company can take care of your removal in one day.
  • A huge benefit is that a removal company can provide you one entire package so it will be cheaper for you.
  • When you take care of the removal by yourself, you have to rent a car, storage space or truck. And next to that you need some extra people to take care of your lifting work.

Most frequently asked questions

What are the average costs of a removal?
The average costs of a removal are depending on the size of the removal project. When you fill in the form on our comparing website you will be quickly contacted by four to six removal companies. They will let you know what the costs will be.

Are removal companies registered with the government?
The companies who take care of moving interstate should be registered with the Department of Transportation (DOT) and they have to carry a DOT number. Next to that, all removal companies that provide interstate services must have a license and insurance.

Tips for your removal!

See here for removal tips! Read more about one month before moving and two week prior to moving.

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