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painting companies
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Are you changing the interior of your house or moving and in need of a painter and/or decorator?

You can easily find a painter and/or decorator by comparing prices and services of up to six painters in your area. By completing a simple request form, the painters in your area will contact you directly by e-mail or phone. Search no longer and save time with this quotation service. 

Professional painters and decorators
The painters and decorators listed on this website were carefully selected by their experience, number of services they offer and positive reviews from customers. They can give you expert advice concerning technologies and products as well as recommendations on repairs, special finishes and designs. Get offers from professionals on by filling in the form.

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What people have said

Saves money
"I compared prices of several painters. It was easy and allowed me to save a lot on painting my house“
Toegevoegd: S.Anderson, Leister (08-02-2012)
Waardering: 5/5
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Experts in painting!
"I was renovating my house and needed advice and design solutions. The companies approached me with their ideas and I chose the most suitable one. This website was quite helpful and allowed me to compare the different services.”
Toegevoegd: J.Green, London (06-02-2012)
Waardering: 4/5
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Easy quotes
"Finding the appropriate painter for our new house was very easy. The painters started to call me as soon as I filled the form. I quickly chose the right company for me."
Toegevoegd: K. Nicolson, Bristol (05-02-2012)
Waardering: 5/5
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General review
Average score: 4.5 of 5 based on 23 reviews.

Benefits of professional painter companies

- Find the personal solution for your interior
- High quality work
- Quick and accurate painting

Frequently asked questions

What are the average costs for painting my house?
The price for painting a house depends on many factors such as the size of the surface, materials used and decoration ideas for example. Including the paint and labour costs to paint and decorate your single-story house would cost you from 1500£ to 3000£.

How much do painters charge per hour?
The price for an hour of working depends on the complexity of the work and can vary extremely. The average price per hour can vary from 40£ to 50£, however very exclusive work can cost you up to 100£. 

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