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When you have decided to move to a different location it is important to find a well priced and trusted removal company. will help you to find the best moving company for your removal.

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Move furniture to your new home is not a daily job for the most people and often items such as your furniture is a significant investment therefore it is cheaper and more efficient to outsource the move to a professional removal company as they have the correct tools to cautiously move your items.

Furniture insurance; removal company
If a removal company takes care of your furniture removal, they will be insured. In case you will find out that some of your furniture is damaged, the insurance company of the moving company will refund the damage. When you decided to do the removal by your own, it is important to get an insurance.

What people have said...

Furniture removal went great!
"Furniture was moved undamaged and the removal was done at the right time. Now we live very happy in our new home. So we recommend this removal company comparing site to all our friends!"
Added: D. Williams from Romford (31-12-2011)
Score: 3/5

Quick and cheap removal
"We helped our neighbours with their furniture removal. I searched on the internet for a good removal website and I found this one. Within a few days our neighbours could compare their offers. They were very happy to find a cheap moving company!"
Added: A. Toulson from London (22-12-2011)
Score: 4/5
General review
Average score: 4.4 of 5 based on 21 reviews.

Benefits of professional furniture removal companies

  • When you outsource your removal most often all your furniture will be insured.
  • Often it is cheaper to let a removal company do your furniture removal.
  • You don't have to carry heavy furniture, the professional removers knows exactly how to lift furniture. And they are well trained for the move.

Most frequently asked questions

What can we expect when a mover comes to my home to make an estimate?
The movers need to see all the furniture that has to be moved. If you haven't started packing yet, you'll need to make an indication of how many boxes you'll have per room. The removal companies won't charge for the quote.

What kind of information must the removal company provide?
When you hire a removal firm, they have to follow the rules of the department of transportation.

Tips for your removal!

See here for removal tips! Read more about one month before moving and two week prior to moving.

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